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The Go&Fun energy and isotonic sport drinks range has taken the world by storm, through the use of natural ingredients and uniqueness.

Go & Fun Official product range

Order to Warehouse

How the Go & Fun order goes from being manufactured to reaching the warehouse to be distributed.

1. Ordering

To enquire about orders please email [email protected].
All enquiries are typically processed within 3 working days.

Go & Fun box Box / Pack
CANS: box of 24
ISOTONIC: pack of 12
Go & Fun box Palette
CANS: 132 boxes
ISOTONIC: 108 packs
Ordering Go & Fun

2. Manufacturing

Go&Fun is manufactured in Fidenza Italy and is shipped directly from our factory.
The full product range comes in 100% recyclable material.

Go & Fun box
The product has a shelf life of 18 months from the day of manufacturing.
Ordering Go & Fun

3. Shipping

Shipments always depart from Fidenza Italy, and you may opt to use the forwarder of your choice.

Ordering Go & Fun